Originated in 1989


Founded Rabbi Moshe Soloveichik of Zurich


Head of the Academy Rav Moshe Lebel


Yeshiva "Torat Chaim" (Moscow) (Hebrew ) - Academy of Jewish Studies - the highest Jewish religious educational religious institution, the largest of the Jewish educational institutions of Russia. The Academy was founded in 1989 by the foremost rabbis of Europe - Rabbi Moshe Soloveichik of Zurich, Switzerland in order to fill a gap in the traditional Jewish education, resulting from anti-religious policy of the Soviet Union. Currently yeshiva "Torat Chaim" is located near the village Popovka and Hripan Ramensky District.


Academy of Jewish Studies yeshiva "Torat Chaim" originated in 1989 through the efforts of the founding Board of Rabbis of Switzerland, headed by Rabbi Moshe Soloveichik. For this purpose in Moscow from Israel arrived Rabbi Alexander Aizenshtat , together with the leader of Russia's religious Jews, Rabbi Yitzchak Zilber, laid the foundation for a network of educational institutions "Torat Chaim". First set up a center for Torah in Moscow, on the basis of which was further based academy. In 1990, the Academy moved to the area stations Valentinovka Moscow region, from 1992 to 2002 - in the settlement of specific and, since 2002, Academy is located near the village of Popovka Ramensky District. Among the first teachers of the Academy - p. Alexander Aizenshtat , pp. David Kruger, pp. Jacob Sakavan, pp. Eliyahu Tavger, pp. Zvi Patlasov, pp. Shimon Posner, pp. Moshe Lebel, who became later the head of the academy. Subsequently, the number of teachers also joined the Academy pp. Gershon Meyrovich and reg. Alexander Hyatt.

Learning System

The main subjects taught at the academy - Written and Oral Torah, Talmud, Mishnah, Midrash, Jewish ethics, history and philosophy, as well as Hebrew. At the academy followed the traditional Jewish education system, which is based on a combination of self-study material from the lectures of teachers. Special emphasis on personality development based on moral and ethical values. Among the teachers - Prominent experts in the Torah and the Talmud in Israel, the U.S. and Europe. Academy Students have the opportunity to continue training in the best yeshiva Israel and the United States. Periodically Academy organizes seminars, and lecture programs for university students in Russia and former CIS. And the Academy of periodic visits to famous rabbis - Rabbi. Moshe Shapiro, Rav. Menat Yedid, Rabbi. Zevulun Schwarzman. Currently yeshiva "Torat Chaim" also gained popularity outside of Russia, and it enrolled a large number of students from abroad.

Academy Graduates

Over twenty years of existence, the Academy passed over it hundreds of students. Now graduates of the Academy headed important educational projects in Russia and around the world, run by Jewish communities and taught in various schools in the world. On the basis of the Academy in Moscow, were constructed Center for the Study of the Torah "Birkat Yitzchak", an educational program "chavrusos", as well as the Center for the Study of Jewish tradition for the girls "Birkat Yitzchak".




Yeshiva Torat Chaim Moscow