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Rav Moshe Soloveitchik

blessed is the memory of the righteous, the greatest rabbi of the post-war Europe. First director of the of Moscow Center for Torah Studies.

Rav Yitzhak Zilber blessed is the memory of the righteous. Spiritual mentor of Russian Jews.

Rav Yosef Eliashiv,

 may he live long. Greatest preceptor of Law in our generation. Advisor of the Moscow Center for Torah Studies. in halachic questions.

Rav Aharon Shtaynman,

may he live long. One of the most prominent talmudists of our time. President of the Moscow Center for Torah Studies.


of Moscow Center for Torah Studies

Rav Alexander Aizenshtat.

Director of Moscow Center for Torah Studies. "There are following words written down in the Song of Songs:" I’m sleeping - my heart is awaken!". One of explanations for these words is relevant to our lives. Even when we were in exile, and not all Jews are closely connected with the Torah, those people who devote their time to that are the sleepless heart of Jewish nation, which gives life to the rest of the body..."

Rav Moshe Lebel.

Rosh Yeshiva "Torat Chaim" "I do not know whether all of our students would continue their studies in collel, but in any case they "take" Torah for their lives... Of course, you need to earn livelihood, to supply your house ... And those who will not continue to study in collel or yeshiva, anyway - in fact, from now they are the people of the Torah. This means that they know that the Torah and studying of it is the center of life…”


of Moscow Center for Torah Studies



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We are contemporaries, but we are very different. The main thing that divides us is a different understanding of time and past experiences , and as a result - different possibilities to understand  life.


We can say that the Talmud - a set of laws and disputes of the Jewish sages. Sages were looking for contradictions, and through them nearer to an understanding of the truth. This old debate, but their time had not expired, because their study helps us to comprehend our today.


This site contains information about the Moscow Center for Torah Studies, the places of studying, and about the people who are learning and teaching. The Center gives an opportunity to come back to basics, to the beginning of times, to the traditions and the experience of the Jewish people.

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